Buy Low Price Memory Slippers Small (B004U2JMXK)

Buy lowest price Memory Slippers Small (B004U2JMXK). This awesome Womens Slippers will suit your feet. Buy your Memory Slippers Small (B004U2JMXK) and increase your comfort on your feet today.

Image of Memory Slippers Small (B004U2JMXK)

Memory Slippers Small (B004U2JMXK)

Memory Slippers Small is a womens slipper that will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.Memory Slippers Small. Inside measures 8.75″. Should fit sizes 6-6.5. LADIES MEMORY SLIPPERS. LINED WITH SHEEP WOOL LIKE MATERIAL TO KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND TOASTY, HARD FOAM SOLES. LIGHT TAN / KHAKI IN COLOR. Click here for more details

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